Canvas GuidesCanvas Instructor Guide External Apps (LTI)How do I add an external app that creates a Course Navigation link?

How do I add an external app that creates a Course Navigation link?

If an external app is configured for Course Navigation, it will appear in your Course Navigation for easy access within your course.

To learn more about configuring external apps, visit the Edu App Center.

Verify App

Before you configure the app you will need to verify that the app can become a course navigation link by visiting the Edu App Center (External Apps). You can view the app location by hovering over the app. Appropriate apps will display the Course Nav option.

Learn how to configure an external app in Canvas.

View Configured App

View Configured App

View the configured app.

To edit, see the place(s) the app will appear, or delete the app, click the Settings icon [1]. To edit the app, click the Edit link [2]. To see the places the app will appear, click the Placements link [2]. To delete the app, click the Delete link [4].

Note: Editing an external app is a course permission. If you cannot edit an external app, your institution has restricted this feature.

View App Placements

View App Placements

Verify the Course Navigation link has been configured.

Refresh Browser

Refresh Browser

Click the Refresh button in your browsers navigation bar.

Organize Course Navigation Links

Open the Navigation tab [1]. Move around the newly added navigation link just as you would with any other course navigation link [2]. Click the Save button [3].

View New Link

View the new course navigation link.