Canvas GuidesCanvas Admin Guide Support InformationHow do I view the Service Cloud Home Page?

How do I view the Service Cloud Home Page?

Service Cloud is the Canvas Support ticketing system. As a Field Admin, you will see a table of your cases when you log in.

View Home Page

The Service Cloud home page consists of a few elements:

  • Global Navigation [1]
  • Search Tool [2]
  • Create a New Case [3], Reports [4], and Dashboard [5] buttons
  • Cases Table [6]

View Global Navigation

View Global Navigation

The Global Navigation Menu provides you with quick access to the Home Page [1], Cases [2], Reports [3], and Dashboard [4]. Global Navigation can be accessed from any page in Service Cloud.

View Search Tool

To search for a case or user, enter the case number or user into the Search Cases and Users... field [1] and click the Search button [2].

Create New Case

Create New Case

To create a new case directly in Service Cloud, click the Create New Case button.

View Reports

View Reports

To view your reports, click the View Reports button.

Reports can also be accessed from the Global Navigation Menu.

View Dashboard

View Dashboard

To view the dashboard, click the View Dashboard button.

The Dashboard can also be accessed from the Global Navigation Menu.

View Cases Table

The Cases table provides links to new, open, pending, on hold, and solved cases. Learn more about Service Cloud cases.

View New Cases

The New Cases tab gives you an overview of your cases including the Case Number, Status, Subject, Case Creator, Case Owner, Date/Time Opened, and Account [1]. You can search for a case using the Search field and sort the table columns [2].

View Macros Tab

The Macros tab allows you to create new macros and view existing macros.

View Key Links Tab

The Key Links tab will provide you with helpful links to help find answers.

View Settings Tab

The Settings tab allows you to update the time zone for your account.

To change your time zone, select your desired option from the drop-down menu [1] and click the Update button [2].