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What are Account Analytics?

Analytics evaluate individual components of all the courses in your account and provide an overview of your account's activity.

Analytics takes a three pronged approach to creating substantive data for Canvas users.

  • Justification focuses on system reports and how the system is being used.
  • Intervention looks to predict which students will become at-risk students and and how to meet their needs.
  • Learning focuses on learning outcomes, the effectiveness of the teaching style, and the division of time between students achieving competence and those falling behind.


As an Account Admin, you can see the Analytics for the entire account. This way you can track and analyze what students, teachers, observers, and/or designers are doing within the account. Analytics work in conjunction with account Statistics.

View a video about Analytics and Statistics.


  • To view account analytics, Analytics must be enabled in Account Settings.
  • Account analytics also includes analytics enabled at the sub-account level.
  • Currently, analytics does not measure activity on mobile devices.

When Would I Use Account Analytics?

In Analytics, there are four main sections:

  1. Overview of what is in the account including Courses, Teachers, Students, Assignments, Discussion Topics, Files Uploaded, and Media Recordings.
  2. Activity by date allows the Admin to view how everyone is participating in the courses within the term and account.
  3. Activity by category allows the Admin to view the participation for Pages, Assignments, Modules, Discussions, Grades, Files, Collaborations, Announcements, Groups, Conferences, General, and Other.
  4. Grade distribution allows the Admin to view what the final grades and in progress grades look like during the term within the account.


For more details about these components, learn how to view account analytics.

Use Analytics to:

  • Make sure the students, teachers, observers, and/or designers are participating in the course.
  • See an overview of the term within the account.
  • View how the users are interacting with the courses in the term.
  • Watch how the grade distribution fluctuates or stays steady.
  • View the total number of courses, teachers, students, assignments, submissions, discussion topics and replies, files, and media recording in the term within the account.

View Account Analytics Hierarchy

View Account Analytics Hierarchy

Analytics can be used at any level of the account, as long as the user has the account-level permission to view analytics. For example, admins in the root account [1] can view analytics for the account and all sub-accounts. Admins in sub-accounts [2] can view the analytics for their own sub-account and any additional sub-accounts below them.

Admins can also view course analytics within an account or sub-account. Instructors can view course analytics if they are also given the analytics permission at the course level.