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How do I log in to an institution’s Arc site?

If you receive an email welcoming you to Arc, you need to verify your account by setting up a password. This password is used to access a specific Arc site separate from Canvas. When you accept the account invitation, the login page shows the URL you should use to manage and access Arc.

Most commonly, email invitations are only sent to users who are invited to Arc as admins. Currently Arc users can only be managed by admins in the institution's Arc site.

The password you create for your Arc site currently does not sync with your Canvas login, so for best results, create the same password for Arc that you use for Canvas. If you choose a different password, you can reset your password in your Arc site at any time using the password reset link.

Except for the Arc site user menu, Arc sites display the same content as found in an Arc account.

Open Email

In your email inbox, open the welcome email. The subject line is Welcome to Arc!

Set Password

Set Password

Click the Set your password link.

Create and Confirm Password

In the Password field [1], create a password for your account, then confirm your password [2]. Click the Save button [3].

Log in to Arc

Log in to Arc

The password page refreshes and displays the login page for your Arc admin management site. You may want to bookmark this URL.

In the login page, enter your email address [1] and password [2]. Click the Sign In button [3].

View Arc

View Arc

View your account in your Arc site.