How do other Canvas clients train their users?

This article is designed to highlight some of the training initiatives and materials that our clients have developed and used in their organizations. If you have materials you would like to share, please email

Public Canvas Training Courses

Click here to view several public Canvas training courses.

Staff Picks

Several clients have graciously shared their public courses, click here to view a list of public Canvas courses.

Public Canvas Course and Video Tutorials

John Louviere of Utah State University created a public Canvas course with resources for users that are moving from Blackboard Vista to Canvas. He also collaborated with Instructure Co-founder Devlin Daley to create several video tutorials for instructors and students. Many of these videos have been closed captioned. USU has also put together an awesome Getting Started page for faculty and maintains a Canvas Tips blog.

Video Tutorial Page

Salt Lake Community College Online has leveraged Mike Kisow's Vimeo channel for their clean tutorial page.

Cheat Sheet, Blog and Videos

The University of Mary Washington put together a two-page cheat sheet summarizing key Canvas Features. They also have a well-organized tutorial blog, which includes links to their excellent video tutorials.

Public Canvas Course, Student Tutorials and Instructor Training Booklet

Weber State University has put together several student tutorials and an instructor training booklet in PDF format. These guides have been nicely designed and are very easy to read. They also developed a public Canvas course for instructors, divided into five easy-to-follow modules.

Public Canvas Courses for Students and Faculty

Howard Community College has developed two public Canvas courses, one for students and another for faculty. Both courses are very rich resources that are designed to supplement their face-to-face user trainings. They also have a helpful page describing principles of best practice in online course design. Learn more about Howard Community College's training strategy by watching their excellent presentation at InstructureCon 2011.


Ben Neiswender and Chris Hoffman, "The Canvas Guys" at Westminster have been blogging since January about their experiences implementing Canvas. They are particularly experienced with measuring program effectiveness with institution-wide learning outcomes in Canvas.

Wiki and Quick Start Guides

Sponsored by the Utah Education Network and spearheaded by Jared Stein of Utah Valley University, targets several of the questions that are most frequently asked by new users. They have also developed a Faculty Quick Start Guide and a Student Quick Start Guide as well as a checklist and tip sheet for migrating course from Blackboard to Canvas (very helpful!).

Quick Start Guide

The Mary Institute and Saint Louis Country Day School (MICDS) developed a 10-page Quick Start Guide for K12 instructors new to Canvas. These pages could also serve as a nice outline for faculty training sessions.

Public Canvas Course for Faculty

Massasoit Community College developed a public Canvas Course to help faculty get started using the platform. Their course includes quick guides for Collaborations, Discussions, Files, importing a course from CE8, and the differences between CE8 and Canvas.

Public Canvas Course for Students

Bucks County Community College developed a public Canvas Course designed to help students get started in Canvas. Among other topics, their course covers getting started, logging in, navigating Canvas, and checking grades.

Public Canvas Course for Faculty and Video Orientation for Students

Chase Mitchell and Rebecca Lindsay and Snow College are in the process of developing a public Canvas Course with scripted video demos covering over 20 Canvas features, including the Syllabus, Announcements, messaging, Chat, People, Discussions, Assignments, Pages, Collaborations, Conferences, Student Groups, Modules, Quizzes, Files, Settings, Grades, Profile, Course Navigation, Files, Course Home Page, and Outcomes.

They are also developing a video orientation for students.

Public Canvas Course for Students

Mary Wehrman of Pitt State University has developed a public orientation course for students. This course contains information on how to complete most of the basic tasks in Canvas.

Public Canvas Course for Students

Edison State College developed a Canvas orientation course for students.