How do I use Roll Call Attendance Badges?

Roll Call Badges are a versatile way to make quick notations about your students using the Roll Call attendance tool. For example, you can quickly mark when a student is disruptive or actively participating in the class so that you have a record of that student's activities. Badges are not visible to students; only to instructors.

Note: Your Canvas administrator should set up Roll Call before you can use it. If you don't have access to Roll Call, contact your administrator.

Open Attendance

Click Attendance Link

In Course Navigation, click the Attendance link.

View More Details About a Student

View More Details About Student

Click the More tab next to a student's name to expand more details about that student.

View Available Badges

View Available Badges

Any existing badges appear as buttons below the student's attendance information. You can click any of these buttons to mark the student with that badge. Click the badge again to un-mark it. All available and created badges are created for the entire course and will be shown for each student. Only click the badges that are applicable for each student.

Manage Badges

Manage Badges

To edit any existing badge, click the Manage badges link under any student's attendance information profile (this is accessible by clicking the More tab next to a student's name on the roll call list).

Note: When managing or editing badges, any changes made will affect the entire course, not an individual student.

Select a Badge to Edit

Select Badge to Edit

Click on a badge name to edit that badge [1]. You can also delete a badge by clicking the Delete button [2]. Again, please note that deleting a badge will delete the badge for the entire course and all students.

Edit Badge Details

Edit Badge Details

You can edit several badge details on this page:

  1. Badge name
  2. Badge icon
  3. Badge color

Click the Save Badge button [4] to save your changes.

Create a New Badge

Create a New Badge

To Create a new badge, click the Add Badge link under any student's attendance information profile (this is accessible by clicking the More tab next to a student's name on the roll call list). The Add a custom attendance badge window appears that you can use to edit the details of your new badge.

Note: Newly created badges will be made available to select for all students and will not/cannot be created for individual students. Badges may be created, however, that are only applicable in certain circumstances such as "Absent due to death in family" or "Absent due to school-sanctioned activity."

Use Class View to Manage Badges

If you prefer to use the Class view to manage your attendance and badges, click the Class tab in the roll call view selector, then a student's name on the seating chart to view more details about the student.

Note: For more information on using Class view and the seating chart, please visit the How do I create a seating chart using Roll Call? lesson.

Manage Badges

Manage Badges

Manage your badges as you would using the List view.