How do I use the Math Editor?

Canvas has an integrated tool for math and science formulas based on LaTeX, the industry standard for academic publication. The LaTeX Math Editor is built into the Rich Content Editor. Canvas also includes the option to create equations and expressions with its graphical point-and-click editor.

The Math Editor can be used for basic mathematical formatting for introductory math courses or for more advanced mathematical text for higher-level math courses. Both students and instructors have access to the editor.

For more help, download the following PDF files:

Open the Rich Content Editor

Open the Rich Content Editor using one of the Canvas features which support the Editor.

Open Math Editor

Click the Pi icon [1] to open the Math Editor. A pop-up window will appear in your browser.

Create Basic Math Equation

Use the Math Editor toolbar [1] to insert a equation in the equation field [2].

Note: You can click Switch View to Advanced to type or copy and paste in LaTeX [3].

Save Changes

In the Rich Content Editor, you can add text around your equations. Click Save.

View Content

View Content

View the mathematical tex and/or chemical formulas or equations you created.

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