What do each of the Notification Preferences mean?

View Notification Descriptions

View Notification Descriptions

When you hover over the name of the notification, you can view the details of the notification and adjust your preferences. Some hover descriptions will let you know if it is Instructor and Admin only.

The hover notification descriptions are:

Course Activities

  • Due Date: Assignment due date change
  • Grading Policies: Course grading policy change
  • Course Content: Change to course content, including WikiPage, Assignment & Quiz content
  • Files: New file added to your course
  • Announcement: New announcement in your course
  • Announcement Created By You: Announcements created by you and replies to announcements you've created
  • Grading: Includes assignments/submission grade entered/changed, un-muted assignment grade, grade weigh changed. Check 'Include scores when alerting about grade changes' if you want to see your grades in your notifications. If you aren't using your institutional email address, then sensitive information will be sent outside the institution.
  • Invitation: Includes invitations to web conferences, collaborations, groups, course, peer review & peer review reminders
  • All Submissions: Instructor & Admin only: Assignment submission/resubmission
  • Late Grading: Instructor & Admin only: Late assignment submission
  • Submission Comment: Assignment submission comment


  • Discussion: New discussion topic in your course
  • Discussion Post: New discussion post in a topic you're subscribed to


  • Added to Conversation: You are added to a conversation
  • Conversation Message: New Inbox message
  • Conversations Created By Me: You created a conversation


  • Student Appointment Signups: Instructor & Admin only: Student appointment sign-up using Scheduler
  • Appointment Signups: New appointment on your calendar
  • Student Appointment Cancelations: Appointment cancelation
  • Appointment Availability: Instructor & Admin only: Change to appointment time slots
  • Calendar: New and changed items on your course calendar


  • Group Membership Updates: Group enrollment, accepted/rejected membership, Admin only: pending enrollment activated


  • Administrative Notifications: Instructor & Admin only: includes course enrollment, report generated, context export, migration export, new account user, new student group

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