How do I reset my password?

If you have forgotten your Canvas password and cannot log in, you can reset your password.  

If your Canvas account was set up through your institution, you may have to have your institution reset your password for you. If your login screen does not show the password reset link, contact your institution for assistance.

Note: If you can log in to Canvas and want to change your password, please visit the How do I change my login password? lesson.

Canvas Login Screen

Type your institution's Canvas URL into a browser window. When the login screen appears, click the Don't know your password? link.

Note: If your login screen does not show the password reset link, contact your institution for assistance.

Request Password

On the next page, enter the email address associated with your Canvas user name and click Request Password.

Email Errors

If you enter your email address and never get a password reset email, review the following password tips.

  • Have you typed your email address correctly? Sometimes email addresses can be misspelled.
  • Are you accessing the correct Canvas URL? You will not get the reset email if you are trying to reset your password on a site where you are not enrolled (such as instead of
  • Is your Canvas email sponsored by your institution? If your mail email address is part of a campus firewall system that blocks emails from mass senders, you won't be able to receive the email. Contact your institution's IT department for assistance.
  • Are you the owner of your email address? If your email address is owned by someone else and you can't receive email for that address, you won't be able to get the reset email. Contact the owner of the email address for assistance.

Check Email

Check Email

Return to your email account and sign in.

Open "Forgot Password" Email

Open the email with the subject line "Forgot Password: Canvas" and if the email is not in your Inbox, check your Spam folder.

Click the link sent to you in the email.

Password Change

Type in a new password and then confirm that password by typing it again. Click the Update Password button.

Login to Canvas

With your email and new password, login to Canvas.

View Canvas Dashboard

As soon as you login again, you will see the Dashboard.

Reset Password through Institution

If your login credentials were provided to you by your institution, you will not be able to reset your Canvas password on your own.

If your email does not have a password reset link, it will contain text that includes the following information:

  • Your email address associated with your account
  • The name of the institution that provided you with your password

Contact the system administrators at your institution about changing or verifying your password.

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