How do I add new people to an existing Conversation?

You can add people to an existing thread in Conversations.

Open the Inbox

Open the Inbox

In the Help Corner, click the Inbox link.

Select Conversation

Select Conversation

Select an existing Conversation.

Open Compose Window

To open the Compose window, hover over the timestamp and click the Reply icon.

Add Recipients

Start to type a name in the the text field [1], or click the Address Book icon [2] to see a list of courses and groups.

Use Address Book

Click the Address Book icon [1] next to the To field. From the address book, locate the individual and select his or her name [2]. Names are sorted by last name.

To navigate back to the course roster, use the arrow icon [3].

To exit the course roster menu, press Return (on a MAC keyboard) or Enter (on a PC keyboard).

Add People

Verify you added the correct person.

Note: You cannot change the course or the subject line.

View Message

View Message

The link will update the total number of people involved in the conversation.

Newly added participants will be able to read and comment on the entire Conversation, even the messages that were posted before they were added.

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