How do I edit a student's full name, display name, and time zone?

If you have the correct permissions from your administrator, you can edit student's full name, display name, or time zone.

Note: For most Canvas users, only administrators will have this permission level. Check with your local institution if you cannot edit student information and believe that you should. Also, if you are using a Free-For-Teachers account, you will not be able to edit a student's full name, display name, and time zone.

Open People

Open People

In Coures Navigation, click the People link.

Locate Student

Click the name of the user you wish to view [1]. In high-enrollment courses, you can more easily find a single user by searching in the search bar [2] or filter by role using the Role drop-down menu [3].

Edit User Details

Edit User Details

Click the Edit link to edit the student's user details.

Update Details

Update Details

You can edit the following:

  1. Full Name is used for grading, SIS imports, and other administrative items.
  2. Display Name is the what other users will see in discussions, announcements, etc. The user can set his or her own display name if the setting is enabled.
  3. Sortable Name is the user's last name, first name default and it can be edited. This appears in sorted lists and admins can search for it.
  4. Time Zone can be set to where the user or institution is located.

Click the Update Details button [5] to update the user profile.

Note: The user can modify these details again at any time.

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