How do I grade Turnitin assignments in SpeedGrader?

Canvas copies submissions uploaded to Turnitin and displays the files in SpeedGrader. Turnitin provides an originality report and similarity index letting you know how much of the assignment is original. This report is displayed in SpeedGrader.

This lesson shows how to create an assignment for the Turnitin LTI. If your assignments view varies from the steps show in this lesson, your institution is using the Turnitin Plugin. However, you can still grade Turnitin assignments in SpeedGrader.

Open Assignments

Open Assignments

In Course Navigation, click the Assignments link.

Open Assignment

Click the name of the assignment.

Open SpeedGrader

Click the SpeedGrader button.

View Assignment Submission

SpeedGrader displays the student submission in the viewing window [1].

In the sidebar, the Turnitin feedback icon [2] shows the status of the originality report.

Note: The originality report for an initial assignment submission may take a minimum of ten minutes to generate.

View Turnitin Error

View Turnitin Error

Turnitin may occasionally generate an error message about the status of a submission. If a submission includes an error, you can view the message by clicking the Turnitin error icon [1].

If the file failed to resubmit to Turnitin, you can click the Resubmit to Turnitin button [2], or if you allow resubmissions and the due date has not passed, you can download the student submission and reupload it to Turnitin. Turnitin resubmissions may take up to 24 hours to process. If you have questions please contact your Canvas administrator.

View Originality Report

When the submission has generated an originality report, the Turnitin feedback icon indicates what percent of the assignment matches internet sources. Feedback percentages are also represented by color:

  • Blue (0%)
  • Green: 1–24%
  • Yellow: 25–49%
  • Orange: 50–74%
  • Red: 75–100%


To view the detailed originality report, click the feedback icon.

View Originality Sources

In the originality report, the sidebar shows any matching sources associated with the assignment text and where the match is located in the submission.

Grade Assignment

Grade Assignment

To grade the assignment, enter the grade in the Grade field [1].

If you added a rubric to the assignment for grading, click the View Rubric button [2].

Grade with Rubric

Grade with Rubric

For each criteria item, select the rating that fulfills the criteria [1]. The number of points will update in the points field [2]. If you want to add a comment for a criteria item, click the comment icon [3].

When you are finished, the rubric shows the total points at the bottom of the window [4]. Click the Save button [5].

View Grade

View Grade

View the grade for the assignment.

Note: If you graded your assignment with a rubric but the Grade field does not update, your rubric was not set for grading and you will have to enter the score manually.