How does Turnitin work in the SpeedGrader™?

Turnitin provides an originality report and similarity index letting the instructor know how much of the assignment is original. This report is displayed in SpeedGrader.

Turnitin must be enabled at the account level to be used in your course.

Note: These steps are only applicable for the Turnitin Plugin in Canvas. If you have questions regarding the Turnitin LTI, please contact Turnitin.

Open Assignments

Open Assignments

In Course Navigation, click the Assignments link.

Open Assignment

Open Assignment

Click the assignment title.

Open SpeedGrader™

Open SpeedGrader™

Click the SpeedGrader™ link.

View Assignment

View the assignment. The speech bubble will indicate what percent of your assignment matches internet sources. Click the Speech Bubble icon to open a detailed originality report in a new window.

Note: The originality report for an initial assignment submission may take up to ten minutes to generate.

View Originality Report

View the Turnitin originality report in SpeedGrader. The student in this example matched 100% from an internet source for the assignment. Learn more about the originality report and interpreting results.

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