How do I use the Assignments Index Page?

You can view all your course assignments on the Assignments Index page. As an instructor, you can also add assignment groups, create an assignment, and modify assignment settings. You can also reorder assignments and assignment groups.

Open Assignments

Open Assignments

In Course Navigation, click the Assignments link.

View Assignments Index Page

The Assignments Index page is designed with global settings at the top of the page [1], followed by the Assignment groups [2]. Individual assignments are nested within each Assignment group [3].

View Assignment Global Settings

Global settings include searching for assignments [1], adding a new assignment group [2], and adding a new assignment [3]. To weight the final grade with assignment groups, click the Settings icon [4].

View Assignment Groups

Assignment Groups house the assignments within each group. Groups can be expanded and collapsed by clicking the arrow next to the group name.

Manage Assignment Group Settings

Manage Assignment Group Settings

The icons and links to the right of the assignment group control the entire assignment group.

If assignment groups have been weighted, Canvas will display the weighted percentage of the total assignment score [1]. Additionally, if rules are assigned to the group, Canvas will show the number of rules; hover over the link to view the rules [2]. You can add a new assignment to the group with the Add icon [3], and in the Settings drop-down menu, you can edit, delete, or move the assignment group [4].

Manually Reorder Assignment Group

You can also manually reorder an assignment group by hovering over the drag handle next to the assignment group and dragging the group to the desired location.

View Individual Assignment

Each assignment displays the assignment name [1], due date (if any) [2], the number of points the assignment is worth [3], and assignment draft state status (published or unpublished) [4].

You can also set varied due dates for an assignment and create due dates according to course section. Varied due dates appear as multiple dates.

If an assignment is associated with a module, the module name will appear on the individual line item of the assignment [5].

Note: Due dates are not required for an assignment.

View Availability Dates

Assignments can also include availability dates. Availability dates can make an assignment available for only a specific period of time.

Manage Individual Assignment

To view an assignment, click the assignment name.

You can also use the settings drop-down menu to edit [1], delete [2], or move the assignment [3].

Manually Reorder Assignment

You can also manually reorder an assignment by hovering over the drag handle next to the assignment and dragging the assignment to the desired location.

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