How do I view Turnitin results for my assignment submission?

Canvas recently introduced a new page design called the New Canvas User Interface (UI). Depending on your Canvas view, your page design may vary from the images shown in this lesson. However, the functionality and location of the components remain the same.

Turnitin provides an originality report and similarity index letting the instructor know how much of your assignment is original.

Depending on the Turnitin settings, after you have submitted your assignment, you may be able to view Turnitin results immediately or after the due date.

Your instructor also has the option to restrict the originality report from being shown in your assignment. If the originality report does not appear in the assignment submission details, your instructor has restricted this feature.

Note: The originality report for an initial assignment submission may take up to ten minutes to generate.

Open Assignments

Open Assignments

In Course Navigation, click the Assignments link.

Open Assignment

Click the name of the assignment.

View Originality Report

When the submission has generated an originality report, the Turnitin feedback icon indicates what percent of the assignment matches internet sources.

To view the detailed originality report, click the feedback icon.

View Originality Sources

In the originality report, the sidebar shows any matching sources associated with the assignment text and where the match is located in the submission.