How do I view Turnitin results for an Assignment?

Depending on the Turnitin settings, after you have submitted your assignment, you may be able to view Turnitin results immediately, after your instructor has graded the assignment, or after the due date. Your instructor also has the option to restrict the originality report from being shown in your assignment.

Note: These steps are only applicable for the Turnitin Plugin in Canvas. If you have questions regarding the Turnitin LTI, please contact Turnitin.

Open Assignment

On the Assignments index page, locate and click the name of the assignment.

You can also access graded assignments from the Recent Feedback in the sidebar of the Course Homepage.

Open Submission Details

Open Submission Details

Click the Submission Details link.

View Submission Details

View your assignment submission details. If you submitted a file upload, click the View Feedback button [1]. If the assignment is previewed in a format that does not support feedback, Canvas will show the Preview button.

The speech bubble indicates what percent of your assignment matches internet sources. Click the speech bubble icon [2] to open a detailed originality report in a new window. Learn more about the originality report and interpreting results.

Note: Please allow 5-10 minutes for Turnitin to process the originality report. Learn more about Turnitin originality report processing time.  

View Originality Report

View the Turnitin originality report.