Sample Courses

Here are a few examples of publicly available courses in Canvas. Some of these courses are "in progress" or Canvas Network courses.

Note: The resources on this page will be moving to our new Canvas Course Collection 1 (CCC1) manual in 2014.

Public Canvas Courses

  1. Social Media (Canvas Network Course)
  2. MOOC MOOC January 2013 (Canvas Network Course, Hybrid Pedagogy)
  3. Art Appreciation (Canvas Network Course, Open Course Library)
  4. History of Ancient Civilization (Canvas Network Course,
  5. Game Design Concepts (Canvas Network Course)
  6. Introduction to Openness in Education (Canvas Network Course, Lumen Learning)
  7. International Health Systems (Canvas Network Course, University of Central Florida)
  8. English Composition I (Canvas Network Course, Lumen Learning)
  9. Algebra+ (Canvas Network Course, Peninsula College)
  10. U.S. History 2 (Canvas Network Course, Seattle Central Community College)

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