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  • Updated on: Jun 24, 2017

    Which browsers does Canvas support?

    Because it's built using web standards, Canvas runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, or any other device with a modern web browser.

    Manual Canvas Basics
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  • When a course is completed and you want to provide read-only access to the course, you may be able to conclude the course manually in Canvas. However, if your institution uses software that automatically concludes enrollments, you do not have to manually end your course since the end date of the course will automatically conclude the course on your behalf.

    When courses are manually concluded, all enrollments are removed from the course and placed in the prior enrollments page. All users in the course will have read-only access. This change applies to all enrollments, including course instructors. Instructor-based roles will no longer have the same access in the course and will result in loss of course functionality and user information, such as viewing SIS data. If full functionality is still required for instructors but you want to conclude the course for students, you can change the end date of the course. Please note that instructors can also change the course date for their courses.

    Once a course is concluded, if you do not want students to be able to view the course at all, you can restrict students from viewing prior courses.

    Note: Manually concluding a course is a course permission. If the Conclude this Course button does not appear in Course Settings, this setting has been restricted for your course. If you are an instructor, contact your admin for assistance.

    Note: You can unconclude courses if necessary.

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  • You can restore courses that have been reset or deleted, either by you or by an instructor. You must know the Course ID number to restore the course. If your instructor cannot locate the Course ID number, you can access the instructor’s user details and look for the Course ID under Page Views.

    Restoring a course restores the previous course URL and all content. However, enrollments cannot be restored.

    Note: Using an SIS ID will not restore a course unless the course was deleted via SIS.  

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  • As an admin, you can view information about a course in your account.

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  • As an admin, you can view grade change activity for your account without having to access the API or grade history page.

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  • Within Admin Tools, admins can view the login/logout activity of users within their institution.

    Note: Canvas will only register a user’s logout when the Logout button is clicked in the User Account menu. Closing the browser window does not create a logout request.

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  • Canvas is continually creating new features to improve your experience. The majority of improvements will be made available as part of our regular release cycle. However, some features may change the workflow for common activities in Canvas during your current term and will be placed in your Account Settings as a Feature Option. After a specified period of time, some Feature Options may become standard features in Canvas. Learn more about Feature Options and how to enable them in the manage new features lesson.

    Feature Option Availability

    The Feature Options shown in this lesson are available for all institutions and noted in their respective environments (beta or production). Some feature options must be enabled by your Customer Success Manager.

    Course-Level Features

    Please note that course feature options can be enforced for an entire account if necessary.

    Note: Some feature options may not be available in Free-for-Teacher accounts. Please view the Canvas Account Comparisons PDF.

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  • You can filter courses within your Managed Accounts in Canvas.

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  • Tags Account, Admin, Admin Guide, blueprint courses, Canvas, Courses
  • Tags Account, Admin Guide, blueprint courses, Canvas, Courses