How do I customize a Subject Home page as an instructor?

In Canvas for Elementary, each subject may include a Home tab. The Home tab displays content designated as the Front Page on the subject's Pages Index Page.

The Front Page allows instructors to design the subject home page and include links, images, or rich media. Students will be able to interact with the content added to this page.

If a front page has not been assigned or has been removed, only announcements display on the subject's Home page.

Note: Only published pages can be set as the Front Page.

Open Subject

Open Subject

Click the Subjects link in Global Navigation [1]. Then click the subject link [2].

If the subject does not display on the Subjects list, you can view all of your courses by clicking the All Subjects link [3].

Manage Subject

Manage Subject

Click the Manage Subject button.

Open Pages

Open Pages

Click the Pages link in Subject Navigation.

View All Pages

View All Pages

If a front page has been selected previously, it will display.

To view a list of all course pages, click the View All Pages button.

Set Front Page

To assign a front page, click the Options icon for the page you'd like to use [1], then click the Use as Front Page option [2].

Only one page can be set as the Front Page. The page that was most recently set as the Front Page retains the front page assignment.

Note: Only a published page can be set as the Front Page.

Remove Front Page

To unassign a page as the Front Page, click the page's Options icon [1] and select the Remove as Front Page option [2].

View Subject Home Page

View the assigned front page content in the subject's Home page.