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Troubleshooting: I see an error message when clicking the Badges tab in Canvas

Problem Occasionally, a misconfiguration, unexpected circumstance or bug interrupts Badgr's ability to communicate with resources in a Canvas course.

Solution As often as we can, we provide an error message that includes instructions for resolving the issue. Read the text on the screen to see if there's a known issue identified and resolution described.

Otherwise, please use the Report error feature to send us an email that contains any debugging information that our app is able to collect about the issue. If you have time, please describe what you were trying to do when you encountered the issue, and anything you know might have changed since the last time the task you were performing was working correctly. We aim to respond to error reports as quickly as possible and address all issues that arise with Badgr in a timely manner. Although we're sorry to hear you encountered an error, Team Badgr is here for you. We hope you get in touch so we can get your application working normally again soon!