Individual issuer controls

While content settings can be globally set at the organization level, users can also customize content settings for each issuer associated with their organization. When setting or editing an issuer's content settings, users can choose to use the global settings from the organization or to customize the issuer.

Turning on global settings

  1. Login to Canvas Badges/Credentials as an admin and select the Canvas Badges/Credentials icon to choose your organization from the drop menu.
  2. Select the Issuers tab.
  3. Select the box with the ellipses and choose Edit issuer from the drop menu.
  4. Select the Content settings tab.
  5. Next to the label "use settings from organization," select the toggle button to apply the organization's settings to the issuer. Global settings can be turned on individually for skill library and badge extension settings.
  6. Click the toggle to "off" to adjust an individual issuer's settings.
Turning on global settings