Organization issuers

Issuer management

If your organization has several issuers, you may add individual users to issuers without adding them as members of the organization. This limits their access to the other issuers and badges they may not be using. This helps to keep your badging programs compartmentalized (if you wish to do so). A user who is not a member of an organization, but has access to an issuer will be unable to see the admin dashboard. Depending on the user's role on the issuer, they may be able to edit pathways that have been authored by the issuer. If a user holds the role of staff member they will not be able to edit or create pathways. Please see the link below for more information on sharing your issuer and the various permission levels offered. Sharing an issuer and badges using Manage staff Associating issuers

Issuer management
Issuer management

Staff members cannot associate issuers. You must hold an editor or owner role to associate an issuer with an organization.

Issuer management

Badges awarded through associated issuers will count towards your subscription limit.

You can add a personal issuer to your organization to access Canvas Credentials subscription features using that issuer. Associated issuers and their badges will behave the same as issuers created in your organization.


  1. Go to the issuer page in your organization (to learn how to access your organization space, see Editing your organization).
  2. Select the ellipse to the right of the Create issuer button.
Issuer management

3. Select Associate issuer from the drop-down menu. 4. Find the issuer you would like to associate with your organization and select the Add button on the issuer. 5. At the bottom of the page, select Finish. Disassociating an issuer

Issuer management

Disassociating an issuer will revoke their access to Canvas Credentials features. If you wish to disassociate an issuer from your organization, please contact [email protected] for assistance.

Badge recipient access

Recipients of badges will not have access to see or edit the issuers on the organization. In the organization space, recipients will only see badges awarded by the organization and pathways they are subscribed to by the organization. To view badges awarded by other institutions, users will have to go to their personal space.

Issuer management

Hiding badges as an issuer

If you don't wish for your issuer's badges to be publicly visible, you may turn off badge visibility from your issuer's public page. The issuer's public page will always remain visible to the public.

  1. Login to Canvas Credentials and select the Issuer tab from the top navigation bar.
  2. Select the issuer from your organization whose badges you wish to hide.
  3. Select the box with the ellipses and select View public page from the drop menu.
  4. Select the button labeled Edit badge visibility.
  5. Click the toggle button above the badges you wish to hide. The badge will become greyed out when hidden.
  6. Select the Done editing button.
  7. To make the badge visible again, select the Edit badge visibility button.
  8. Click the toggle button so that the badge is no longer greyed out.
Hiding badges as an issuer

Badges that are hidden will not be counted. If all badges are hidden, the issuer's public page will say there are no badges for this issuer.