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How do I view Courses and Groups in the Student app on my iOS device?

You can view all your active courses and groups in the Canvas Student app.

Learn how to view Grades in the Dashboard.

The images in this lesson are shown for a phone display, but unless otherwise noted, tablet displays mirror the same steps.

View Courses and Groups

View Courses and Groups

Unless otherwise changed as the landing page, the app defaults to the Dashboard and displays your groups and favorite courses.

Set Favorites

Set Favorites

To favorite a course, tap the Edit link.

Select Courses

Select Favorite Courses

Tap the star next to the course you want to favorite.

Note: Changes to your favorite courses will also apply to the browser version of Canvas.

Edit Course Details

Assign Course Color

You can change the nickname and color associated with your courses. Course colors help associate course items in other areas of the Canvas Student app, such as in the To Do List and Notifications.

To change the nickname or color for a course, tap the Options icon.

Choose Course Color

choose color

To change the course nickname, tap the Nickname field [1]. To change the course color, tap the new color for your course [2].

To save your changes, tap the Done link [3].

Open Course

Open Course or Group

To open a course, tap the course name.

View Course Navigation

View Course Navigation

Within each course, you will be able to view the course navigation links that are available in the browser version of Canvas.


  • If a course navigation link is hidden in the browser version, you will not be able to access it in the app.
  • Not all course navigation links are supported in the Canvas Student app. However, all navigation links are supported in a mobile browser.  

View Course Navigation on iPad

iPad functionality mimics the web version of Canvas, allowing Course Navigation to be expanded or collapsed for full-screen course viewing. To expand or collapse the Course Navigation menu, tap the Expand icon.