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How do I use the SpeedGrader app on my iPad?

The SpeedGrader app helps you view and grade assignments and submit comments.

Note: Not all SpeedGrader features are supported on the app at this time.

View Dashboard

On the dashboard, the SpeedGrader app lets you view settings for the app and view all your active courses.

View Settings

To view settings in the app, use the User Navigation Menu. This menu is located at the top of the dashboard. To open the menu, tap the Menu icon.

View User Navigation Menu

View User Navigation Menu

In the User Navigation Menu, you can view user details [1], get help with the app [2], and report a problem [3]. You can also control the SpeedGrader settings for the app [4], switch user accounts [4], and log out of the app [5].

View Favorite Courses

The dashboard displays all your favorite courses. Favorite courses mirror the Courses & Groups customized drop-down menu in the web version of Canvas, or in the Canvas by Instructure app.

Note: Groups are not shown in the SpeedGrader app.

View All Courses

To view All Courses, tap the All Courses button. All additional current courses will appear.

You may have to swipe your screen to view all courses.

View Ungraded Count

For each course, SpeedGrader shows the number of submissions that need to be graded.

Manage Course Color

Courses are associated by color, which you can change on the dashboard. Colors help distinguish courses throughout the app.

To change the color for a course, tap the course arrow icon.

The circle indicates the current color [1]. Tap the new color for your course [2]. Tap the arrow icon again to close the window [3].

Open Course

To open a course and view assignment submissions, tap the full name of the course.