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How do I view assignment submissions in the SpeedGrader app on my iPad?

When you open a course, you can see the list of assignments in your course. When new submissions are received, you can view the assignments that need grading.

Open Course

To open a course, tap the full name of the course.

View Assignments

The assignments page displays the list of all assignments, quizzes, and discussions in your course. You may have to scroll to view all assignment types.

New assignment submissions are indicated by a circle with the number of submissions.

Filter by Section

Filter by Section

If your course has sections, the assignments list shows assignments for all sections by default. To filter assignments by section, tap the All Sections button [1] and select the name of the section you want to view [2].

Open Assignment

To view submissions for an assignment, tap the name of the assignment.

View Submission Page

SpeedGrader will open the submission for the first student in the course or section list, and the student's name displays in the menu bar [1]. By default, student names are shown as last name, first name.

The assignment submission area [2] displays the file, text, or media that the student has submitted for that assignment.

To mute or unmute assignment scoring to students, toggle the mute icon [3].

If an assignment can open in another type of application that is already installed on your iPad, the share icon [4] will display available apps. For instance, if the assignment is a PDF submission and your iPad has the PDF reader app, the PDF app will appear in the share menu.

Note: You can choose to hide student names by changing the app settings.

View Discussion Submissions

When viewing discussion submissions, you can only view the individual response(s) from the student. To view the entire discussion, tap the Show Full Discussions button.

Note: When viewing full discussions, the app renders the discussion in a browser view inside the app. You may be asked to log in to Canvas on the browser login screen.

To refresh the full discussion, tap the refresh icon [1]. To return to the individual user submission, tap the Show User Submissions link [2].

View Submissions

To view the next submission, swipe the submission area left or right [1].

To find a submission for a specific student in the student list, tap the name of the current student [2].

View Student List

View Student List

The student list displays all students for the assignment. Names in black indicate the student has submitted the assignment [1]. Names in gray indicate the student has not yet submitted the assignment [2]. Names with a green check mark indicate the student's submitted assignment has been graded [3].

To view a student's submission, tap the student's name.

Filter Student List

Filter Student List

If you have a large course, you can filter assignment submissions in several different ways.

By default, the app shows student names [1]. Names are displayed in alphabetical order by last name.

To sort submissions by grade, tap the Grade button [2].

If your assignment includes sections, you can sort by section by tapping the All Sections button [3].

To search for a student, enter the name of the student in the Search field [4].

Note: When viewing the student list and submissions, you can choose to hide student names or view ungraded submissions first by changing the app settings.

View Menu Tab

To view details of the assignment, tap the menu tab.

View Menu Details

The menu defaults to the Grade button [1] so you can grade student submissions.

In the Grade view, you can view the most recent submission attempt, which includes the date and time of the submission [2].You can also view the rubric for the assignment, if any [3].

To add a comment to the submission, tap the Comment button [4].

Note: If the student has submitted more than one submission, you can tap the attempt menu and view previous submissions.

Minimize Menu Tab

You can minimize the menu at any time by tapping the menu tab.