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How do I grade an assignment submission in the SpeedGrader app on my iPad?

SpeedGrader allows you to grade assignment submissions directly from your iPad device.

Open Course

To open a course, tap the full name of the course.

Open Assignment

Tap the name of an assignment.

Open Menu Tab

Tap the menu tab.

Enter Grade

Enter Grade

In the grade field [1], enter the grade for the submission according to your grading standard (i.e. points, GPA, etc.).

Note: If you want to mute the entire assignment for student grading, tap the Mute icon [2].

Use Rubric for Grading

Use Rubric for Grading

If you added a rubric with your assignment and have selected the rubric to be used for grading, you can tap each rubric criterion to automatically apply points to the submission grade. The chosen criterion will be highlighted [1], and the grade will autopopulate with the score [2].

To leave a comment for the student about the criterion score, tap in the Add Comment field [3].

You may have to swipe your screen to view additional criterion in the rubric.

Note: If your rubric is not set to be applied for grading, you can still tap the points for each rubric criterion, but but you'll have to add the points manually and enter them in the grade field.

Save Grade

Save Grade

When you are finished grading the submission, tap the Save button.