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How do I add Crocodoc annotations in the SpeedGrader app on my iPad?

Crocodoc is a tool that allows instructor and peer review annotations on online assignment submissions in Canvas. When students submit an assignment, the file is uploaded as an assignment submission to SpeedGrader. In the SpeedGrader app, you can add point comments on any document types that support Crocodoc annotations.

If a student submits a file that is not compatible with Crocodoc, the document previewer will still display the file, but Crocodoc markup and commenting will not be available.

Canvas supports .doc/.docx, .ppt/.pptx, and .pdf Crocodoc file formats (.xls/.xlsx is not available at this time).


  • Files over 100MB and password-protected files will not be converted by Crocodoc.
  • The Crocodoc download feature currently does not support annotation downloads on the iPad and may generate an error message.

Open Course

To open a course, tap the full name of the course.

Open Assignment

Tap the name of an assignment.

View Crocodoc Tools

When you view a Crocodoc-supported document, you have several tools to help manage the document.

The Magnifying Glass icons [1] allow you to zoom in and out on the submission.

The Add Comment icon [2] allows you to add a point comment on the submission. Point comments let you place a comment in a specific place in the document.

The Download icon [3] allows you to view the document without rendering in Crocodoc. To return to the Crocodoc view, swipe the screen.

If there are multiple pages, the Page arrow icons [4] help you advance through the submission to find the page you want to annotate.

Add Comment

Add Comment

To add a comment, tap the Add Comment icon.

Tap the desired area of the submission. The comment icon will appear indicating the location of the comment [1]. Add your comment in the text field [2].

Manage Comment

To delete a comment, tap the text field and tap the Delete icon [1]. Crocodoc will confirm you want to delete the comment.

You can also reply to student Crocodoc comments by tapping the reply icon [2].

To move the comment, tap and hold the comment icon [3]. Drag and drop the comment to the new area.