How do I create a new table in MagicMarker?

You can create a new table to assess the students in your course.

Open Course

Tap the course name where you want to create the table.

Add Table

Tap the Add button in the menu bar [1] or in the table view area [2].

Create Table Name

Type a name for your table in the Table Name field [1]. Tap the Save button [2].

Add Students

Tap the checkbox next to the name(s) of the student(s) you want to add to the table. Selected students will be moved to the top of the table.

Save Students

When you are finished selecting students, tap the Save button.

Add Outcomes

Tap the Outcomes button.

Select Course

Tap the outcome link for your course.

Select Outcomes

Tap through your outcomes or outcome groups. When you locate outcomes to add to your table, tap the checkbox next to the outcome(s).

Save Outcomes

When you are finished selecting outcomes, tap the Save button.

View Table

View your table with students and outcomes. Each outcome appears at the top of the table. Swipe to the left to view additional outcomes.

If you are finished creating your table, learn how to assess your students.

Modify Table

If you need to modify students on the table, tap the People button [1]. To modify your outcomes, tap the Outcomes button [2].

Edit Table Name

To edit the name of your table, tap the back button to return to the table view for your course. Tap the Edit button.