How do I assess my students in MagicMarker?

Once you have created a student table, you can assess your students using the Outcomes in your course.

Note: Canvas calculates one total assessment percentage per day. So if you assess a student multiple times with an outcome in a single day, Canvas will take the total number of assessments and create one mastery score.  

Open Course

Tap the course name where you want to create the table.

Open Table

Tap the table you want to open.

Select Outcome

Locate the outcome you want to use to assess your students and make sure it is shown above the student names. Swipe to the left to view more outcomes.

Assess Individual Student

To assess an individual student, swipe up or down on the student's profile picture. Swiping up [1] outlines the picture in green and indicates success for the outcome; swiping down [2] outlines the picture in red and indicates a miss.

Once you have made an assessment, the student's number icon will show the number of assessments for that outcome. You can make as many assessments as necessary. Assessments are also synched to your Learning Mastery Gradebook.

You can also view student progress for an individual student and see his or her performance over time.

Assess Entire Table

To assess all students at the same time, swipe up or down on the table icon.

Select Another Outcome

To assess students on another outcome, swipe left or right in the outcomes area.