How do I view catalog reports?

As a Catalog admin, you can view all reports in Canvas Catalog on the Reports page. The Reports page shows an overview of all catalog enrollments, revenue, and discounts for each account. You can also view enrollment details for a specific account.

Note: Enrollments that are not added to a course through the Catalog enrollment page are not included in catalog reports.

Open Admin

Open Admin

In the User Menu, click the Admin link.

Open Reports

Open Reports

Click the Reports link.

View All Revenue Reports

The report will show the Catalog [1], number of Enrollments [2], Revenue [3], and number of discounts applied to the account [4].

Catalog information includes Catalog Name and Catalog ID.

To export the report, click the Export button [5].

View Catalog Report Details

To view enrollment details for a catalog, click the name of the catalog.

View Catalog Summary

You can view an overall summary for the catalog, including the number of all-time enrollments [1], all-time revenue [2], and all-time discounts [3]. Enrollments are ordered with the most recent transaction.

View Report Details

The body of the report displays the specific enrollment details for the account. Enrollment details include student name [1], account [2], the listing where the student enrolled [3], date of enrollment [4], whether or not a discount was applied [5], the price of the listing [6], and the total amount paid [7].