How do I view catalog analytics?

As a Catalog admin, you can view analytics in Canvas Catalog in the Analytics page. The Analytics page displays summaries and user data for enrollments, revenue, user registrations, and completions.

Note: Enrollments that are not added to a course through the Catalog enrollment page are not included in catalog analytics.

Open Admin

Open Admin

In the User Menu, click the Admin link.

Open Analytics

Open Analytics

Click the Analytics link.

Select Analytics Options

By default, analytics shows options for the parent catalog and listings for the past 30 days. You can filter analytics for a specific catalog [1], listing [2], user (by name or email) [3], start date [4], end date [5], and date preset [6].

View Analytics Data

The filtered data displays a summary of the enrollments [1], revenue [2], user registrations [3], and completions [4]. By default, analytics defaults to the Enrollments tab. To view the graph or specific details for analytics data, click the name of the tab.

Below each graph you can view up to 100 individual data results:

  • Enrollments tab: Student Name, Listing Name, Enrollment Date, Completion Date, Status
  • Revenue tab: Order ID, Reference ID, Student, Listing, Purchase Date, Total
  • User Registration tab: Canvas ID, Name, E-mail, Custom fields, Date, Transcript
  • Completions tab: Student Name, Listing Name, Enrollment Date, Completion Date, Certificate


If you want to view all user data for a tab, you can export analytics.