How do I edit a filter in Enhanced Gradebook Filters?

You can manage gradebook filters created using the Enhanced Gradebook Filters feature.


  • The Enhanced Gradebook Filters feature preview is in active development. To provide direct feedback about this feature, please post in the Gradebook Filters user group.
  • If Enhanced Gradebook Filters is not available in your course, it has not been enabled by your institution.

Open Grades

Open Grades

In Course Navigation, click the Grades link.

Open Filters

Open Filters

To view or manage filters in the Gradebook, click the Filters button.

Manage Gradebook Filters

Manage Gradebook Filters

In the Gradebook Filters sidebar, existing filters display.

To rename a filter, click the filter's Edit icon. [1].

To manage a filter's condition type, click the Condition Type dropdown [2].

To manage a filter's condition, click the Condition dropdown [3].

To delete a condition, click the Delete icon [4].

To add an additional condition, click the Add Condition button [5].

To enable or disable the filter, click the Apply Filter toggle [6].

To delete the filter, click the Delete icon [7].

To create a new filter, click the Create New Filter button [8].