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How do I create live captioning in a conference as a moderator?

The Conferences interface allows conference moderators to support live captioning during a session. A moderator (such as a stenographer) can enter captions for one or more languages. Students can select a language that has been made available and view the live captions. Conference recordings display the captions as subtitles.

Each language can only support one moderator. If necessary, several moderators can take turns creating captions for a conference.

If you record a conference with live captioning, all recorded conferences in the Conferences page include a CC button to show available captions.

Select Closed Caption Layout

Select Closed Caption Layout

After joining a conference, select the Closed Caption layout option.

Set Caption Language

The layout displays the Closed Caption window. In the Language list [1], select the language you want to use for live captioning.

In the font options [2], you can set how you want to view captions as they are created. You can change the font family, font size, background color, and text color.

Note: Font options are only for your own view of captions; participants can set their own font options while viewing captions.

Open Captions

Open Captions

Click the tab for the selected language.

Take Ownership

Click the Take Ownership button.

Note: Only one moderator can take ownership of a language at a time. If the button is not available, another moderator has already claimed this language.

Create Captions

In the caption text field, create captions for the conference.