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How do I create a Multiple Answer question in Quizzes.Next?

When creating an assessment, you can create a Multiple Answer question in Quizzes.Next. Multiple Answer questions are formatted like Multiple Choice assessment questions, but there are multiple correct answers.

Students must get all answers correct to receive full credit for a Multiple Answer question. Partial credit is not awarded if any incorrect choices were selected or correct answers were not selected.

Add Question

Add Question

To create a question, click the Add button anywhere in the assessment.

Add Multiple Answer Question

Add Multiple Answer Question

Click the Add Multiple Answer button.

Add Question Title and Stem

In the Question Title field [1], add a question title. Question titles are optional and are not visible to students.

In the Question Stem field [2], add the question stem. The question stem contains the question itself and, if necessary, additional instructions and information. You can use the Rich Content Editor to format and add content to your question stem.

Add Answers

To add answers to the Multiple Answer question, type the answers in the Answer fields [1]. To select the correct answers, click the checkbox next to the answers [2].

To add an additional answer choice, click the Add Answer link [3]. To delete an answer, click the Delete icon [4].

Shuffle Choices

To shuffle answer choices, click the Shuffle Choices checkbox [1]. By default all answer choices are shuffled and display as unlocked. To lock an answer in its location, click the Lock icon [2]. To unlock a locked question, click the Unlock icon [3].

Align to Outcome

Align to Outcome

To align the question to an outcome, click anywhere in the Align to Outcomes section.

Add to Item Bank

To add the question to an item bank, click the Add to Bank link.

Note: After a question has been added to an item bank, it can only be edited in the item bank. You can still set unique point values and options in the assessment for an item bank question.

Add Point Value and Feedback

To customize the point value for the question, type the point value in the Points field [1] or use the arrows to increase or decrease the point value [2].

To leave feedback for students, click the Feedback icon [3].

Save Question

Save Question

To save the question, click the Done button.