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How do I view and manage cases in the new Field Admin Console?

As a field admin, you can view and manage cases using the Cases table. The Cases table will display all open cases in your account but can be filtered to display cases that meet specific criteria.

You can log in to the new Field Admin Console at

Note: Field Admin Console features may vary based on account and user settings. Based on the permissions for your role, you may not be able to view or use the features described in this lesson.

Open Cases

In the Field Admin Console home page, click the Cases tab.

View Cases

The Cases page displays the Cases table, which lists open cases from accounts you manage [1]. Each case displays a case number [2], subject [3], status [4], date of last modification [5], date and time the case was opened [6], user who created the case [7], and account name [8].

Filter Cases Table

Filter Cases Table

To filter the Cases table, click the Filter menu [1]. You can filter cases by status, cases created today, cases assigned to you, recently viewed cases, or triaged cases.

To pin a filter as the default view for the Cases page, click the Pin icon [2].

View Case Tools

The Cases table includes several tools that allow you to manage your cases.

To search the Cases table, click the Search field [1].

If your account has configured Kanban view, you can toggle the table between list view and Kanban view by clicking the Display as button [2].

To refresh the table, click the Refresh button [3]. To edit a field, click the field and click the Edit button [4]. To view case charts, click the Charts button [5].

If your account allows you to manage advanced filtering, you can view additional filters by clicking the Filter button [6].

Note: The Search tool will not return results for case status, date/time modified, or date/time opened.

Open Case

To open a case, click the case number.