How do I view a report in the classic Field Admin Console?

Reports in the Field Admin Console allow you to view statistics pertaining to your institution including Canvas components reported by users, case creation, case escalation, case status, and requester role. Report information can be adjusted by related categories and time frame.

This lesson describes how to use the home page of the classic interface of the Field Admin Console. You can also use the new interface of the Field Admin Console.

Note: Currently, field admins can only view existing reports. If you would like to create a one-time custom report that is not included in the list, contact your Customer Success Manager to learn if this is possible.

Open Reports

From the Field Admin Console home page, click the Reports link [1] or the View Reports button [2].

Select Report

Click the name of the report you would like to view.

View Report

View your selected report information [1]. You can adjust the information visible in the report by changing Report Options [2] then clicking the Run Report button [3].