Canvas Guides (English)Canvas GuidesCanvas Admin Guide Field Admin Console - Classic InterfaceHow do I escalate a case to Canvas Support in the classic Field Admin Console?

How do I escalate a case to Canvas Support in the classic Field Admin Console?

If necessary, you may be able to escalate a case to the Canvas support team.

This lesson describes how to use the home page of the classic interface of the Field Admin Console. You can also use the new interface of the Field Admin Console.

Note: Before escalating a case, try troubleshooting the issue or searching for the answer yourself. Try using the community forums or Canvas Guides.

Escalation Troubleshooting Steps

Follow these steps before you escalate a case:

  1. Define the expected behavior and why this is a bug for you or your user.
  2. Summarize all the parts and pieces of the issue - create a numbered list if that is helpful for you.
  3. Answer these questions: How many users does this affect? Is it only experienced in certain situations, or all the time?
  4. Try to replicate the issue from the user report or describe your attempts to replicate the problem.
  5. Make sure that the problem exists on another browser or on another computer. Note those browsers in the case.
  6. Include a link (Canvas URL) to the course or the page the problem is happening on.
  7. Include a screencast or screenshot if possible as an attachment to the case. The more information you provide the Canvas Support Team, the better.

View Cases

View tickets

To escalate a case, view the New Cases tab.

Open Case

Open Case

To open a case, click the Case Number link.

Escalate Case

Escalate Case

Click the Escalate button.

Note: Before escalating the case, make sure the case status is set to New, New - External or Open, Open - External.

Update Case

Update Case

Select the Escalate to Instructure checkbox [1] and then click the Update button [2].