What is Quizzes.Next?

Quizzes.Next is an assessment engine that integrates with Canvas as an LTI tool and replaces the classic quizzes functionality currently existing in Canvas.

Instructors can use Quizzes.Next to create assessments using a variety of questions types. Quizzes.Next assessments display as assignments in the Assignments page and can be duplicated. Students can take Quizzes.Next assessments within their Canvas courses.

Quizzes.Next reports, statistics, item bank search, and item bank tagging are not supported in the Canvas beta environment. Outcomes added to Canvas in the beta environment after the beta refresh will not display in the Quizzes.Next beta environment. Outcomes must be added to the production environment to display in the beta environment.

Quizzes.Next cannot be used in the Canvas test environment.


Build Assessments

Instructors can use Quizzes.Next to build assessments with several item types that measure student competency in a variety of subjects. Assessments can be modified using various assessment settings and aligned to outcomes at the assessment or question level.

Moderate Student Attempts

Instructors can moderate student attempts and review students' answers.

View Reports

View Reports

Quizzes.Next includes assessment reports for admins and instructors to view student performance, including mastery of learning outcomes.


Complete Assessments

Students can access Quizzes.Next from a Canvas course to take an assessment.

View Assessment Results

View Assessment Results

Students can view their results from Quizzes.Next assessments. Assessment results include overall and individual questions scores. They may also include instructor feedback.