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How do I use Gauge as an admin?

Gauge is a world-class assessment tool that allows schools to create assessments with a variety of question formats. These assessments can be delivered to specific student groups within defined timeframes.

To use Gauge as an admin, users must have an active Admin role in Canvas and be added to Gauge through SIS import. Deactivated users cannot use Gauge.

Open Gauge

Open Gauge

In Global Navigation, click the Gauge link.

Open Gauge Navigation Menu

Open Gauge Navigation Menu

Click the Menu icon.

View Gauge Navigation Menu

View Gauge Navigation Menu

The Gauge Navigation Menu includes links to Gauge assessments [1], people in your account [2], SIS imports [3], and account settings [4].

View Assessments

From the Assessments page, you can manage Gauge assessments.  To create a new assessment, click the Add Assessment button [1].

To moderate an assessment, click the Moderate icon [2]. To view deployments for an assessment, click the Calendar icon [3].

To copy an assessment, click the Copy icon [4]. To view reports for an assessment, click the Reports icon [5].

To delete an assessment, click the Delete icon [6].

Note: Assessments with deployment data cannot be deleted.

View Open Assessments

Open assessments include live assessments [1] and draft assessments [2]. Live assessments are assessments that are currently deployed to students. Draft assessments are assessments without a scheduled deployment.

View Closed Assessments

Closed assessments includes all assessments that are past their scheduled deployment window.

View Assessment Tabs

View Assessment Tabs

When creating and editing assessments, you can manage assessment by using the assessment tabs. Using the tabs, you can build an assessment [1], add and manage tags [2], manage assessment settings [3], moderate your assessment [4], deploy the assessment [5], and view item analysis reports [6].

View People

From the People page, you can manage users in your account added through SIS import.

Note: You cannot currently add or remove users in Gauge. For help adding or removing users, please contact Canvas Support.

View SIS Imports

From the SIS Imports page, you can view the SIS imports in your account.

View Settings

From the Settings page, you can manage account settings.