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How do I create an assessment in Gauge?

Admins and teachers can create an assessment with various types of assessment questions in Gauge.

Admins can create assessments to deploy to specified groups of users who are in their institution. Teachers can create assessments to deploy to specified groups of students who are enrolled in courses they teach.

Open Gauge

Open Gauge

In Global Navigation, click the Gauge link.

Add Assessment

Add Assessment

Click the Add Assessment button.

Build Assessment

Build Assessment

In the Build page, you can edit the title and description of your assessment [1], view your item banks [2], align the assessment to outcomes [3], and navigate the assessment [4].

You can use the Rich Content Editor to format and add content to your assessment instructions.

Add Content

To add content to the assessment, click the Add button.

Select Content

To insert content from an item bank, click the Item Bank button [1]. To create a new question, click the button for the question type [2] or add stimulus content [3].

The following question types are available in Gauge:

Edit Question

For each question, you can enter a question title [1], the question description [2], and answers [3]. You may also select options specific to the question [4], align the question to an outcome [5], and add the new question to an item bank [6].

In the Points field [7], adjust the point value for the question by entering a number or clicking the arrow buttons.

To save the question, click the Done button [8].


  • Essay questions do not include an answer field and must be graded manually.
  • You can add feedback to a question by using the Feedback icon [8]. Currently, this feedback is not visible to students.

Delete Question

To delete a question, click the Delete icon. The page will confirm you want to remove the item.

Open Question Navigator

Open Question Navigator

To open the Question Navigator and view an assessment, click the Expand icon.

Navigate Assessment

In the Question Navigator, you can view each question number [1], question type [2], point total [3], and question stem of the description [4].

Manage Asssessment

To view a question in the assessment, hover over and click the question [1]. You will be taken to the question within the assessment.

To manually reorder questions, click and hold the Move icon [2]. Drag the question to where you want it to display in the assessment.