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How do I create a Numeric assessment question in Gauge?

When creating an assessment, you can create a Numeric assessment question in Gauge. In a Numeric question, students are required to provide only a numeric response.

Add Question

To create a question, click the Add button anywhere in your assessment.

Add Numeric Question

Add Numeric Question

Click the Add Numeric button.

Add Question Title and Stem

In the Question Title field [1], add a question title. Question titles are optional and are not visible to students.

In the Question Stem field [2], add the question stem. The question stem contains the question and, if necessary, additional instructions and information. You can use the Rich Content Editor to format and add content to your question stem.

Select Requirement

To select a requirement for the answer, select an option from the Requirement drop-down menu [1]. You can select Exact Response, Margin of Error, Within a Range, or Precise Response.

To add additional answers, click the Add Possible Answer link [2].

Select Exact Response

To add an exact response answer, select the Exact Response requirement option [1]. Enter your answer by typing your answer in the Answer field [2] or using the arrows [3].

Note: The Answer field only accepts numbers, periods, and commas.

Select Margin of Error

To add a margin of error answer, select the Margin of Error option [1]. Enter the answer in the Answer field [2]. Then add the margin in the Margin field [3] and select the margin type in the Margin Type drop-down menu [4]. You can select percentage or absolute margin type.

Note: The Answer and Margin fields only accept numbers, periods, and commas.

Select Within a Range

To add an answer that must fall within a specific range, select the Within a Range option [1]. Then select the range start [2] and range end for the answer [3].

Note: The Range fields only accept numbers, periods, and commas.

Select Precise Response

To add an answer with a precise requirement, select the Precise Response option [1]. Then select the answer [2], precision value [3], and precision type [4]. The options for precision type are significant digits and decimal places.

Note: The Answer field only accept numbers, periods, and commas. The Precision field only accepts whole numbers greater than 1.

Enable On-Screen Calculator

Enable On-Screen Calculator

To allow students to use an on-screen calculator for this question, click the Show on-screen calculator checkbox [1].

If you select this option, you can choose either a basic calculator [2] or scientific calculator [3]. The basic calculator displays numbers and basic math functions (add, subtract, multiply, divide). The scientific calculator displays more options for advanced calculations.

Note: The on-screen calculator option is intended to be used while displaying one question at a time. If the assessment does not display one question at a time, students may be able to use the calculator for all questions.

Align to Outcome

To align the question to an outcome, click anywhere in the Align to Outcomes section.

Add to Item Bank

To add your question to an item bank, click the Add to Bank link.

Note: After a question has been added to an item bank, it can only be edited in the item bank. You can still set unique point values and options in the assessment for an item bank question.

Add Point Value

To customize the point value for the question, type the point value in the Points field [1] or use the arrows to increase or decrease the point value [2].

Save Question

Save Question

To save the question, click the Done button.