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How do I moderate an assessment and view student results in Gauge?

You can view student results for any assessment created in Gauge. Assessment results also include a detailed assessment log for each student.

Open Gauge

Open Gauge

In Global Navigation, click the Gauge link.

Moderate Assessment

Click the Moderate icon for the assessment you want to view.

Note: The Moderate icon may not be available for teachers viewing institution-created assessments.

View Moderation Page

The Moderation Page includes the names of each student who completed the assessment [1], all assessment attempts [2], the score for each attempt [3], the time for each attempt [4], and assessment logs [5].

Filter Results

You can filter the Moderation page by deployments or students. To filter results by deployment, click the Deployment drop-down menu [1].

To filter results by deployment status, click the Status drop-down menu [2]. Status filters include All Students, Not Yet Taken, In Progress, and Submitted.

To filter table results by student name, enter a student’s name in the Search field [3].

View Student Attempt

To view the details of a student attempt, click the link for that attempt.

The student results page includes a student’s answers and grades for each assessment question. From this page, you can review and grade student answers.

View Log

To view the log for a student’s assessment attempt, click the View Log link.

In the log, you can view the time and date a student began the assessment [1] and completed the assessment [2]. You can also view each event a student completed while taking the assessment [3] and the time that event was completed [4]. To view more details about an assessment event, click the drop-down arrow next to the event [5].

Note: The completion time on the log may differ from the time displayed on the Moderate page by a few seconds. The time shown on the Moderate page is more accurate and should be referenced when reviewing student attempts on timed assessments.