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How do I create a deployment for a Gauge assessment?

Once you have created an assessment in Gauge, you can create deployments to deliver the assessment to students. An assessment does not need to have content to schedule a deployment, but you should add content before the assessment start date.

You can schedule multiple deployments for any Gauge assessment. Each deployment can include a unique delivery window and set of recipients.

Gauge automatically checks for new students meeting deployment criteria each hour while a deployment window is open. These students are added to the deployment, which will give them access to the assessment within a few hours after a SIS update.

Open Gauge

Open Gauge

In Global Navigation, click the Gauge link.

Open Assessment

To open an assessment, click the title of the assessment name.

Open Deploy Tab

Open Deploy Tab

Click the Deploy tab.

Create Deployment

Create Deployment

Click the Add Deployment button.

Edit Deployment Details

To name the deployment, type the name in the Name field.

To change the timezone, click the Change timezone link [2]. You will be taken to the account settings where you can change the timezone for your entire account.

Select Date Range

To set the date range for the deployment, click the Start Date field [1] or End Date field [2]. Then select the dates from the calendar [3].

Note: You must select a date range to schedule a deployment.

Select Deployment Time

To set the time the deployment will begin and end, click the Start Time drop-down menu [1] or End Time drop-down menu [2]. Then select the preferred time from the menu [3]. Time options range between 12:00 am and 11:55pm in five minute increments.

Add Date Range

To add an additional date range, click the Add Date Range link.

Select Release Option

Select Release Option

You can select how to release assessment results to students.

To release the results manually at a later time, click the Manually option.

Schedule Results Release

Schedule Results Release

To schedule when results will be released to students, click the Schedule option [1]. Then select the date and time that results will be released to students [2].

Add Recipients

You can filter the recipients of a deployment by course section [1] or user role [2]. Filtering by course section allows you to deploy by course properties. Filtering by user role allows you to deploy using student demographics.

To add recipients to the deployment, click the drop-down menu [3] and select the option that includes the recipients you want to take the assessment [4]. You can filter recipients by the course metadata fields that were imported into Gauge. You can select multiple recipient groups in the same category.

Note: You must select a recipient in at least one category to schedule a deployment.

Save Deployment

Save Deployment

To save the deployment as a draft, click the Save as Draft button [1]. To save and schedule the deployment, click the Save and Schedule Deployment button [2].

View Deployment

View the deployment on the Deployments page [1]. To moderate users in the deployment, click the Moderate tab [2].