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How do I view my deployments in Gauge?

Admins and teachers can view the deployments for a Gauge assessment. Deployments may be scheduled, live, closed or in draft.

Admins can view all Gauge deployments for their institution. Teachers can view deployments for assessments they have created or assessments that have been deployed to students in their courses.

Open Gauge

Open Gauge

In Global Navigation, click the Gauge link.

Open Assessment

Open Assessment

To open an assessment, click the title of the assessment.

Open Deploy Tab

Open Deploy Tab

Click the Deploy tab.

Note: The Deploy tab may not be available for teachers viewing institution-created assessments.

View Deployments

View the deployments for the assessment. For each deployment, you can view the status [1], start date and time [2], end date and time [3], results release date [4], and number of recipients [5].

View Deployment Status

View Deployment Status

The Status column includes the current status of the deployment. The following labels can display in this column:

  • Draft: Deployment is created but has not been scheduled [1].
  • Closed: Deployment date range has passed and deployment is no longer available to students [2].
  • Live: Deployment has been deployed and is available for students [3].
  • Pending: Deployment is scheduled to deploy at a future start date and/or time [4].

Edit Deployment

To edit a deployment, click the Menu icon [1] and select the Edit option [2].

You can edit the name [1], date range [2], release schedule [3], and recipient list [4] for a deployment.

To save your changes, click the Save and Schedule Deployment button [5]. To revert a scheduled deployment to draft state, click the Revert to Draft button [6].

Release Results

To release the results of an assessment to students, click the Release Now link [1].

To recall the results from a deployment that has already been released, click the Recall Results link [2].

Archive Deployment

To archive a deployment, click the Menu icon [1] and select the Archive option [2]. Archiving a deployment will remove it from the Deployments page.