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How do I use Gauge as a student?

Gauge allows you to take assessments that your school can use to evaluate your learning comprehension in any subject.

Open Gauge

Open Gauge

In Global Navigation, click the Gauge link.

View Assessments

In the Gauge Dashboard, you can view assessments available to take [1].

To take an available assessment, click the Take button [2].

Resume Assessment

To resume an assessment you left without submitting, click the Resume button.

Note: You can only resume assessments that are during the institution-selected timeframe that assessments are open. Once the timeframe ends, your assessment will be considered submitted.

View Submitted Assessments

You can also view submitted assessments [1]. Submitted assessments include the submission date [2].

To view your assessment results, click the View Results button [3].

Note: If the View Results button does not display, assessment results have not been made available by your institution [4].

View Assessment Results

Your assessment results include the time to complete the assessment and your percentage score [1]. The report also includes the average completion time and percentage score for all students who completed the assessment [2].

You can also compare your score to the scores of all students that have completed the assessment in the Individual Student Performance graph [3].

If your assessment was aligned to learning outcomes, you can also view outcomes you have mastered [4] and outcomes that provide opportunities for learning and growth [5].