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How do I align an outcome to an assessment question in Gauge?

You can align account outcomes to an assessment question in Gauge. Aligning an outcome allows you to measure student assessment performance using rating scales and mastery levels.

You can also align outcomes to an assessment.

Note: If you cannot see outcomes in Gauge, they have not been configured for your institution. Contact your Customer Success Manager for assistance.

Open Assessment

Click the title of the assessment you want to open.

Edit Question

To edit the question, click the Edit icon.

Note: You can also edit the question by clicking anywhere in the body of the question.

Align to Outcome

To align the question to an outcome, click anywhere in the Align to Outcomes section.

Select Outcome

Select Outcome

Account outcomes will appear in the Attached Outcomes page [1].

Click the checkbox next to the outcome you want to add [2]. Then click the Align Selected button [3].

View Outcome

View Outcome

View your aligned outcome. To view outcome details, click the name of the outcome [1].

To remove the outcome from the question, click the Delete icon [2]. To add another outcome, click the Add button [3].

View Outcome Details

View Outcome Details

The details of an outcome include outcome ratings [1] and mastery level [2].