What is Gauge?

Gauge is an online assessment management system designed to deliver large scale assessments to targeted groups of students.

Gauge can be accessed by users in one of three roles: admin, teacher, and student. Admins can manage assessments and deployments for all students in their instititution. Teachers can manage assessments and deployments for students they teach. Students can take assessments in Gauge.

Admins & Teachers

Build Assessments

Build Assessments

Admins and teachers can use Gauge to build assessments with a variety of item types that measure student competency in a variety of subjects. Assessments can be modified using various assessment settings and aligned to outcomes at the assessment or question level.

Customize Deployments

Assessments can be deployed to students to complete within specific timeframes. Assessments can be deployed to student groups of various sizes, from school campuses to course sections. Admins and teachers can also select when assessment results will be made available to students.

Moderate Student Attempts

View Reports

Gauge includes assessment reports for admins and teachers to view student performance, including mastery of learning outcomes.


Complete Assessments

Students can access Gauge from their Canvas instance to take an assessment.

View Assessment Results

Students can view assessment results in Gauge. If an assessment was aligned to learning outcomes, results will include outcomes mastered and outcomes that provide opportunities for learning and growth.

Note: Assessment results are not available to students until that information has been released by the institution.