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How do I participate in an exercise in Practice?

Welcome to Practice! To get started, you must first join a Group on the Practice platform. Each Group contains one or more Exercises that your Instructor created and assigned to you. All Exercises include an Overview, and all or some of the following learning stages:  Prompt & Response, Peer Assessment, Reflection, and Results.

View Overview

Every Exercise begins with an Overview. You can see the Overview before an Exercise opens and after an Exercise is complete. The Overview can include background information, competencies, supplemental content, and your Exercise schedule. Access the Overview by selecting the Overview button on the Groups page, next to your Exercise name. When you are ready to dive into the learning stages select the Let’s Get Started button. The first stage you’ll unlock is the Prompt & Response stage.

Complete Prompt & Response Stage

This learning stage was designed to prompt frequent practice because we all know “practice makes perfect.” How does it work? First, you will play a prompt. After doing so, you will practice a response and then capture your response by recording and uploading a media file.

After uploading your media file, you may be asked to complete a Self Assessment. You may also be asked to upload a file attachment. After uploading your response and completing a Self Assessment (assuming it was required for your Exercise), you will unlock the Peer Assessment stage.

Complete Peer Assessment Stage

This stage was designed to encourage social learning and crowdsource timely, specific feedback. How does it work? First, you will play a set number of peer responses to the Prompt & Response media and provide your peers with feedback. There are two types of feedback: an Assessment Form and written feedback. When providing written feedback, you can use the timestamped feature to leave specific, actionable feedback. Completing this stage unlocks the Reflection stage.

Complete Reflection Stage

This stage was designed to prompt self reflection. How does it work? First, you will play a Model Response to the Prompt. After playing the Model Response, you will reflect on your own submission. Here, you will identify your strengths and weaknesses in order to hone your future practice. Completing this stage unlocks the Results stage.

View Results Stage

The final exercise stage was designed to encourage coaching and mentoring. Here, you can view feedback from your instructors and peers in a few different ways: a score comparison or unscored question results, assessment details, your self reflection, and the top performers in the group. You can view the details of each of these sections by scrolling down the page.