What is the Overview in Practice?

Every Exercise begins with an Overview. You can see the Overview before an Exercise opens and after an Exercise is completed.

Open Overview

Access the Overview by selecting the Overview button on the Groups page.

View Overview Summary

The Overview includes background information and resources from your Instructor.

View Competencies

It also includes competencies to guide your practice and assess yourself and your peers’ submissions throughout the Exercise (Note: Hover over the a Competency tag to see a detailed description).

View Requirements

The requirements for the exercise are listed next to the competencies.

View Exercise Schedule

Exercise schedule (i.e. dates that the Prompt & Response, Peer Assessment, and Reflection stages open and close)

View Supplemental Content

Supplemental Content (i.e. outside resources to prime you for the exercise)

Begin Exercise

If the Exercise’s Prompt & Response stage is open, click the Let’s Get Started button at the top right of the page to begin your Exercise.

If the Exercise’s Prompt & Response is set to open at a later date, come back later to begin your Exercise.

Learn how to complete the Prompt and Response stage.