Canvas Guides (English)PracticePractice Guide - Learners Prompt and ResponseHow do I record a video with the Practice mobile app?

How do I record a video with the Practice mobile app?

After you play the entire prompt (i.e.without skipping ahead), you will be able to record your response.

Record with Mobile App

Select the Record with Mobile App button.

Download Practice App

Download Practice App

You can download our mobile app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store by selecting either the QR code or the Download on the App Store button or the Get in on Google Play button.

Respond to Prompt

Respond to Prompt

Once you log in to the mobile app, you can return to the Exercise and begin recording your response by selecting the Respond to Prompt button.

Upload or Record Response

Record Video

If you want to upload a pre-recorded video file, select the Photo Library option [1]. If you don’t have a pre-recorded video file, select the Record Video option [2].

Begin Recording

Record Response

Allow the app to access your phone’s camera and microphone, and then select the Record button to begin.

Note: To ensure your video uploads correctly, unlock your screen orientation and rotate your device to enter landscape mode.

Stop Recording

Stop Recording

To stop recording, select the same button.

Preview Response

Watch Response

To preview your response, press the play button.

Upload Response

Upload Response

If you are satisfied with your response, select the Upload button [1]. If you would like to try again, select the Try Again button [2].

Note: If you choose to re-record your submission, your previously recorded media file will be deleted.

Save Response


When your media file successfully uploads, you will see a success message at the top of your video file. This indicates that you can move to the Self-Assessment. To do so, select the Done button.

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