How do I record a webcam response in Practice?

After you play the entire prompt media file without skipping ahead, you will be able to record your response.

Note: Before recording a video with your webcam, check your web browser permissions to ensure audio recording with your microphone is permitted. You can view help documents on how to adjust your microphone settings in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Additionally, check your PC or Mac's audio input settings to ensure your computer's microphone is selected.

Record with Webcam

To record with your webcam, click the Record with Webcam button.

View Webcam Toolbar

View Icons

A new pop-up will appear. At this point, you should automatically see yourself on your screen. In the bottom left corner of the pop-up window there are three icons: a gear, a microphone, and a video camera.

If you click the gear icon you can switch recording from your computer to your phone if it is connected to your computer. The microphone and video camera icons indicate audio and lighting quality. If either icon is red, it means that either audio or the lighting quality is not good enough to record. If both icons are green then you are in the right conditions to record your response.

Begin Recording

Record Response

Click the Record button to begin recording.

When you finish recording your response, click the Stop button. Once your video file processes it will automatically playback so you can double check there are no issues with your response. Click the Keep For Now button to continue.

Rerecord Video

You can rerecord your video file by clicking the Try Again button.

Note: If you choose to rerecord your submission, your previously recorded video file will be deleted.

Assess Response

You can complete your Self-Assessment (if assigned by your Instructor) by clicking the Assess Your Response button.

Submit Response

If you are satisfied with your Response and your exercise does not require a Self-Assessment, click the Submit Response button.

Confirm Submission

Confirm Submission

Select the Confirm button to confirm your submission.

Learn how to submit your Self-Assessment.