How do I record an audio response in Practice?

After you play the entire exercise prompt (without skipping ahead), you can record your response.

Record Over Phone

To record an audio response, click the Record Over the Phone button.

Record Audio Response

Enter Phone Number

You can record your audio response by calling Practice or by letting Practice call you. To have Practice call you, enter your phone number in the Enter Your Phone Number field [1]. You must enter a full ten-digit phone number that includes an area code. Then click the Call Me button [2].

To call Practice, dial the phone number displayed in the Practice interface [3] and enter the onscreen verification code when prompted [4].

Note: If you click the Call Me button and do not receive a call from Practice, do the following:

  1. Ensure your phone's settings do not block incoming calls from unknown numbers.
  2. Ensure your voicemail system is activated.
  3. Restart your phone.

After completing those steps, click the Call Me button.

Save Audio Response

Record Audio Response message

To start recording your response, press the 1 button on your phone's keypad. To stop recording, press the # button. After pressing the # button, press the 1 button to review your response, the 2 button to delete and re-record your response, or the 3 button to save your response.

Note: These directions will also appear in a message window in the Practice interface.

Assess Audio Response

After saving your audio response, end the call. Your audio file automatically uploads to the Response Submission page in the Practice interface. To assess your response, click the Assess Your Response button [1]. To delete your old recording and try again, click the Try Again button [2].